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Choosing the Best Wood Floor Contractor

You know that you want hardwood floors, but are unsure on how to go about finding the right contractor for your project. The first thing that you have to ask yourself is what do you want the most. Are you shopping on solely price, or are you looking for a company that can add more value?

What is the difference between the two… when shopping for a bargain there are a few things that you must consider first. The lower priced contractors are usually only worried about one thing, the check at the end of the job. They want to finish the job as fast as they can so they can receive payment and move onto the next. They don’t follow the proper procedure to ensure a quality wood floor. For the most part they exclude the most important steps of an installation or wood floor refinishing, sometimes even both. This can be a problem for an installation because not following the correct acclimation of the wood, fastener placement and moisture barrier can result in a wood floor failure. These failures can consist of a floor that creaks, cupping of the wood and large unsightly gaps between boards. If they don’t follow the correct sanding sequences during refinishing can result in the finish to prematurely wear, unsightly sanding marks from the machines.

What does a flooring company that adds value do so different? For one we keep up with all the latest education offered by our trade association. We are craftsmen that take great pride in our work and pay extra attention to all the details. First, we must make sure that the wood is properly acclimated to the home where it is to be installed. This process has nothing to do with time but the moisture content of the subfloor and the wood floor that is being installed. It first must reach minimum requirements before the installation process can proceed. During the installation we check the sub floor to make sure it meets the minimum requirements for a proper wood floor installation. After the subfloor is prepped we then use the correct moisture barrier to slow down any moisture that may rise from below. The proper fasteners along with the correct nailing sequence is followed. Sometime depending on the width of the wood then flooring adhesive is needed. After everything is installed correctly it is then time for refinishing. We use professional equipment and dust containment systems to greatly reduce the dust that is produced. If necessary we will also hang plastic in the areas not being worked in. We follow the correct sanding sequences along with the correct sand paper selection. This is to ensure that the top layers of finish will last the amount of time they were intended.

Can you see now why its not always good to shop based on price. The same thing applies when shopping for a car. You are usually willing to pay a little extra for a car that is reliable, great gas mileage and so added extra features. You don’t want the car that is in need of constant repair, leaks oil and is embarrassing to drive. Are you realizing now how extra value is worth a little extra money. The choice is yours if you are willing to roll the dice with your hard-earned money. As for me I’d much rather pay a little more money up front for the peace of mind.


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